Chinatown, 2020

A short documentary project that seeks to trace the evolution of Chinatown across generations, told through intimate stories of two decades-old family businesses.

2020 | Short Documentary | 12 mins

Directed by Tony Wang
Assistant directed by Rhea Li
Assisted by Evan Miller
Produced by Johnnie Yu

KK Discount Store
Grand Tea & Imports

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Welcome to Chinatown


While initially, the film sought to tell a story of resiliency and perseverance through interviewing two prominent Chinatown businesses, the story quickly pivots to highlight a more nuanced discovery. Through retracing the process of economic recovery from COVID-19, the interviews shine light on how the newer generations of Chinatown are influencing and changing the iconic settlement, consequently shaping the dominant Chinese American narrative.

Spotlight: KK Discount store

KK Discount Store is the "mom and pop version of Target" specializing in Asian goods.

They have been open for more than 30 years and are proud to have been serving the community for this long.

Connect with them here: Website | Instagram

SPOTLIGHT: Grand Tea & Imports

Grand Tea & Imports is a multi-generational family business, and a purveyor of unique teas, spiritual goods, and Chinese cultural products. In addition to stocking a wide range of goods, their knowledge about each item’s significance and associated cultural practices have been a source of guidance to immigrant households across the east coast as well as Chinatown visitors for over 15 years.

Connect with them here: Website | Instagram

Our tEam

Tony Wang
Director / DP / Editor

Tony is an award winning filmmaker and photographer studying Photographic Imaging at NYU Tisch. His portrait works are featured in Newport Life magazine and he has received multiple awards from the IPA and PSA for street and fine art photography. Recently, his film "Liberated" received official selection at New York No Limits Film Summit 2020. His artworks primarily focus on the sensory and emotional experience of his audience.

Connect with Tony: Instagram | Website

Rhea Li
AD / Sound Designer / Sound Mixer

Rhea Li is a sophomore majoring in Film & TV Production at NYU Tisch. Her specialty in sound makes her the perfect AD / Sound Designer for a run-and-gun documentary film like Chinatown, 2020, bringing the auditory experience to life.

Connect with Rhea: Instagram

Evan Miller
PA / Assistant Camera

Evan Miller is a sophomore at NYU Tisch studying Film & TV Production. He is a Director of Photography from Westchester, NY. He has shot and directed short films, commercials, and music videos. His goal is to bring Tony’s vision to life through documentary visuals of Chinatown that portray the humane and humble lifestyle of business owners during the COVID shutdown.

Connect with Evan: Instagram | Website | Linkedin

Johnnie Yu
Producer / History Consultant

Johnnie is a History and Cinema Studies student at New York University. In his free time, he is an aspiring venture capitalist and the co-president of NYU's Chinese Student Society. Passionate about Asian American rights, he was brought on to oversee the documentary's storyline. His previous films have received Best Documentary and Best Cinematography at the Shanghai Student Film Festival 2018.

Connect with Evan: Instagram | Website | Linkedin

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Expected completion by february 2021

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